17 Jul 2013

The Holiday Shop


I don't have much to say today other than OUUUUCCCCH! and Feckety Feck Feck! I am in absolute AGONY! I think I've pulled a muscle or possibly 2 in my back - I'm fine if I'm sitting or lying down but as soon as I move by golly the pain is horrendous.  This pain isn't playing, this pain is serious.  This pain is rolling with the big boys.  This pain  thinks its the boss.  Well it is! I am pretty much stuck in the same position for the day.  I couldn't even lift the toilet seat lid up - Sami had to do it for me.  God knows how I'm going to get in the bath or have a shower.  OHMYGOD I am scared.  I tried to convince Sami to stay home with me and he said no.  Meanie.  Who does he think he is, going to work and earning money for us to go on holiday? What a bastard.

The worst thing is, this pain is self inflicted.  I've been feeling quite good of late so I decided to start an exercise regime.  I haven't done any exercise for a long time and prior to Lupus, I was a serious gym bunny and I've really missed it.  I decided to start off with a 20 min workout and slowly work my up to about an hour.  I've also been instructed by my rheumatologist to do some gentle exercise as he said it will help with the fibromyalgia pain and I'm very slightly overweight so he said I could do with losing a few pounds (nice) sI decided to do this yesterday and now I've woken up with this awful back pain.  I only did a 20 min workout! I must have done something wrong because I've never been in this much pain after a workout and I used to do body pump with weights.  It's really frustrating because I was really excited about getting back into exercise. Hopefully I'll feel a lot better tomorrow and be able to get back on it.  Sami and I are planning a holiday in September and I want to feel confident on the beach, not all wibbly wobbly, bluberry flubbery!

My neighbour is about my age (mid to late 20's) with two young children and since I stopped working I've noticed she seems to be struggling.  I want to go on knock on her door and ask her if she wants some help but it might seem a bit weird? I try to talk to her when we bump into each other in the lift or in the corridor and she doesn't seem like she wants to chat so I just leave it now.  I don't know, its a tough one.

Back to me and my holiday - it's bloody hard work trying to find a holiday isn't it? Every website has a different price, or you can't go on the date you want to go. I've been trawling through websites for 3 and half hours now.   AAAAAHHHH I just want to go on me holidays!

Sami laughed at me recently because I call the travel agents 'The Holiday Shop'  I didn't realise it was funny as I've always said it but now he's pointed it out it sounds a bit silly really.  Oh well I'm still going to say it- we'll call it a Faye-ism.  Sami always says he should write a book about my Faye-isms.  His favourite one was when I innocently asked if Robin Hood was real.  'Well some say he was and others say it's just a myth.' He replied all seriously. I said confused,  'But, but he's a fox???'  Sami absolutely wet himself.  Yep I can actually be that stupid.  I think I have these moments on a daily basis.  I'm not an idiot, I just have idiotic moments from time to time.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I had better get back to this holiday search....such a mission.

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