15 Jul 2013

Enjoying Life Again

Monday 15th July 

Wow, it is so hot up in here!  I've been debating with myself for the past hour about whether or not I should do some blogging. So here I am.  Not sure I can be bothered though, my hands are all fat and swollen from the heat. Ah well I shouldn't complain, its not often we get weather like this in the UK.

I've had a lovely weekend.  Sami took the day off on Friday and we spent the day in Hastings, we had fish and chips, sat by the sea and just generally had a lovely day out.

It almost didn't happen as I woke up aching like a bitch.  I was thinking what the feck happened to me, did I get runover? I could barely get out of bed.  It seemed so strange after having such a good week I almost forgot how horrendous it feels.  Luckily as the day went on I felt better, I think the fresh sea-side air helped.

On our way home we stopped off at Ashford shopping centre and Sami ended up buying me a new casserole dish (wow we are so exciting) it's a Le Creuset one which I love - I'd like the whole collection one day...we also went to Kurt Geiger and Sami got a pair of shoes for work - I cannot believe we went to Kurt Geiger and Sami came out with shoes and I didn't - it's unheard of! Never mind I've got my new Loubourtins and I'm delighted with my new pot.  I get excited easily!

I decided to stop taking one of my medications (Amitriptyline) I was put on it a month or so ago for the fibromyalgia pain but it does not agree with me at all! You have to take it before you go to bed but I was waking up completely out of it.  Sami said he'd try to talk to me and he could just tell I wasn't on the planet. He said I'd just respond to him in jibberish.  It was a horrible feeling and I was like it every morning until about 1pm.  It was also giving me the munchies in a huge way.  I just couldn't stop eating and never felt full. I've definitely put on a few pounds.  So I've decided I'm not taking it anymore - I didn't notice a huge difference with the pain anyway.  Perhaps I should have stuck with it - I'll speak with my doctor at some point this week.  Its a bit annoying really, not only do you have to cope with a really shitty illness but you then have to deal with all the side effects from the shitty medications!

Anyway that's enough whinging about medication - On Saturday we popped in to see my parents who got back from their holiday in Menorca on Friday.  They looked all lovely and relaxed (and tanned). My Mum bought me some of my favourite perfume at the airport (Alien by Thierry Mugler if you're wondering) which was lovely of her - she always gets me a pressie at the airport.

Afterwards Sami and I spent most the day in Brixton with Ela and David.  David's friend is an artist and they had an urban arts fair so we tagged along.  I'm not particularly interested in art but we didn't wanna sit indoors on such a lovely day and I must say, I enjoyed it.  We had some lunch in Brixton Village and came home, luckily Ela gave us a lift as all the trains were cancelled and it would have taken over an hour to get home by bus - fuck that when it's 30 degrees!  I bought some jerk sauce in a Caribbean shop before we left and we marinated some chicken wings overnight to bring to Sami's Dad's BBQ on Sunday.  They tasted amazing! If I do say so myself.

The BBQ was lovely, the whole family were there and Christine got a paddling pool out for the kids.  I sat in the sun drinking Pimms and luckily I was OK.  I know a lot of people with Lupus can't even be in the sun for 5 minutes so I do feel very lucky.  Sami tells me off but I ignore him.

Oooh I just remembered I found out Pimms has Quinine in it which is very good for people with Lupus - therefore I shall consume Pimms at every opportunity - as if I need encouraging.

It's Monday today and I've had another lovely day.  My friend Lexie took a half day off from work to spend some time with me (I've been getting very lonely!)  We went to a local park and basked in the sunshine, reading and relaxing.  I woke up aching like a bitch again today (hmm maybe it could be due to the sun?) but again, I was fine after a few hours and lying in the park with Lexie wasn't exactly taxing.

Here we are...I promise we have clothes on! We both had strapless dresses on to enable maximum tannage

I'm getting good at this housewife malarky - Sami's dinner was on the table when he got back from work. I've done all the housework and I even laid out his football kit for him.  Too much?? I just enjoy looking after him.  I'll miss my housewife duties when I go back to work which I'm planning on doing in a few months. I've noticed a huge improvement in my health since I gave up working.  I would say I am having many more good days than bad whereas before it was many more bad days than good.  It was really quite shit. Its only been in the last 2 weeks that I've noticed the difference. I'm so glad I made the right decision.

Not sure what my plans are for this week - just gonna take it easy and enjoy life - something I've missed very much.  

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