31 Jul 2013

Crazy Housewife

Monday 30th July 

What a lovely weekend we had. On Friday Sami and I stayed in as he was knackered from a busy week at work and I felt pretty shitey so we just chilled and watched shite on tv. I cooked a wicked chicken and mango salad with loads of chilli and coriander. It was lovely!  If I do say so myself. Sami said it was possibly the best thing he'd ever eaten. Yeah bwoy I am owning this housewife malarky.

Saturday we had our friends Matt and Jen over for dinner and we all ended up rat-arsed/wankered/langers/pyjama'd whatever you wanna call it. I blame Sami, he made mojitos. Defo wasn't anything to do with the 6 bottles of wine we consumed. Nah. Just the mojito. I left the living room to get something and for some reason got into bed. I didn't even say goodbye to our lovely guests! How rude. Bloody mojitos.  

I must clarify that's not Matt's hair...it's a hair piece of mine.

When people come to our place for dinner they're not allowed to go home hungry or sober. I think we succeeded on this occasion. Oooh I even made a cheesecake I love homemade stuff - it tasted good but it didn't set properly so it was slightly softer than it should have been.... 

On Sunday we went over to Ela and David's for a BBQ. What does Barbie Q even mean? What a weird word. Anyway, it was really nice and I enjoyed not having to cook after all the cooking on Saturday.  The only thing is, I dread meeting new people these days because of the, 'So, what do you do for a living?' question. I never know what to say, I mean who wants to hear, 'Well actually I'm unemployed because of a serious illness that causes me severe pain, overwhelming fatigue and memory problems. And sometimes my boyfriend even has to wipe my arse.' No one wants to hear that.  #awkward. The wiping my arse bit was a joke by the way.

In the end I just said I'm not working at the moment. I think that makes me sound like a bumder. I need to come up with summin better. I can't keep dreading social situations and actually, I'm sure most people care a lot less than I think! 

Sami and I are going camping this weekend. Yep you read that right. Not glamping.  Camp-ing. I mean its fine if lupus is being quiet but if it wants to come and say hi then it could be quite a horrific experience. We are going down to Wiltshire with Matt and Jen to see Sami's uni house-mates, Jimbo and Phil and their wives Aimee and Toria. Matt is also an ex house-mate. Jimbo and Phil have recently become fathers so we're going down to see the babies which will be lovely and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm just not looking forward to sleeping on the floor with a thin piece of material over our heads as protection from the rain and the bears.  

We looked into camping or a hotel and camping is going to cost us a tenner each so it is the better and more economical option.  I can't really complain when Sami is taking me to the Maldives in September so I will shut my pie hole now. Mmm piiiieee.

Seriously can't wait for our holiday. One of the things I'm looking forward to the most is the fact that when we arrive, we get a speedboat to the island we are staying on. Its like something out of a James Bond film! Anyway I don't want to go on about it as I don't want to seem like a show off or like I'm bragging but I am just so excited and so grateful. I feel so lucky. 

I am a chronic worrier and when good stuff is happening to me I automatically worry and assume it will all go wrong. I hate that I think like that but when bad things are happening (and a helluva lot of bad things have happened to us in the past few years) I feel like, aaah all is restored in the world again. Its not good. I think a lot of good things are happening for us at the moment because we are happy and content. I reckon you must send positive vibes out into the world and attract good things.  Although having said that, I am feeling quite poorly today. Like extremely tired and weak and my muscles feel tight. Its taken me ages to type this.  We did have quite a hectic weekend I suppose. I definitely need to take it easy today.

I'm getting on this instagram flex now - you can follow me (if you want to) by clicking on the instagram icon to the left of my blog. I said to Sami, wow this will keep me quiet for hours! He will defo actively encourage me to use it from now on. He likes his peace and quiet does Sami. No, I don't understand why he's with me either!
I can just bore all of you lot instead with my instagram selfies and pointless pics of inanimate objects. Yey! #payattentiontome #lookatme #lookatthiscandleholder #anotherselfie Lool

Couple of my instagrams....

useless object

me and my Boo

ma selfie

Tuesday 31st July

Ok so that was all yesterday - not sure why I didn't post it. I think I fell asleep and forgot about it. My brain is like cowpat at the moment.  I woke up this morning and felt so rough I went back to bed ten mins after getting out of it. My whole body was mashed up. I felt like the crushed biscuit base of my cheesecake. I woke up for the second time about 10am and felt a bit better so did some housework and I was fine all day. 

Mornings are defo the hardest part of the day. Plus I put the telly on and that wasteman Jeremy Kyle was shouting at some dodgy, toothless, walking sexually transmitted disease. I promptly turned the telly off and didn't put it back on until after dinner. The shite that's on during the day is unbearable and unbelievable!!! Apart from This Morning. That's alright. 

I was gonna spend my day baking and making shortbread but I didn't have any caster sugar and I didn't have the energy to go down the road so I did lots of ironing instead (including Sami's boxers) yeah I like ironing. 

I also cooked a boomting-a-licious dinner I saw on a cooking program yesterday. Its called pastaccio and it was amazing. Sami absolutely loved it. I felt proud. I just love it when I cook something and he really loves it. It makes me so happy. Here's another instagram pic for you....

I was supposed to go into town with my mum today but it was so rainy and dull we decided to stay in. Hopefully I'll see her tomorrow.

I've got this assessment thing at 9am tomorrow to do with my anxiety issues. doctor has referred me for some counselling but you have to go through this telephone thing first. I know I'm mad, I don't need someone to tell me but I do need help with my crazy anxious thoughts so I guess its for my benefit. Anxiety sucks sweaty balls. 

So to sum up my day, I'm turning into a 1950's housewife and I'm (almost) officially mental. Oh and Sami and I watched a great film this evening called Argo. I recommend.

G'night y'all. Xx

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