25 Jul 2013

My Life in Hair

Feeling so much better than I was the other day - feeling almost normal today, well normal for me.

Not been up to a lot.  Wednesday I went round to my bestie's house in the evening for a vino and a whinge about men.  She's getting married next May (yey!) so I'm currently trying to gather some ideas for the hen do (or bachelorette party if you're American)  I'm thinking a weekend in Barcelona at the moment but we'll see.

Yesterday I went round to Lexie's house for dinner - she cooked chicken kebabs with salad and they were lovely.  She has bought some hair extensions and put them on me for a laugh......

I actually quite like them!  I've had short hair since I was about 19 so nearly 10 years now.  I had a bad break-up and went to the hairdressers and had all my long hair chopped off (how cliche) and just never really grew it since....

Here I am normally

I've had long hair, short hair, REALLY short hair and even purple hair....

Sami hated the purple hair.  He couldn't look at me for 3 days because he just found it so weird! Someone said I looked like a Russian hooker!  So probably not one of my best looks.  I just got bored and thought why not?  Bloody hard work getting back to blonde though! Never again.  Shortly after this I had it all chopped off....

I loved having it short, it felt really liberating but then it started falling out because I was on chemotherapy drugs.  It went a lot thinner and luckily as it was short it wasn't too noticeable.  I just used a whole shite load of product and carried out some clever blow drying.

Not sure why I felt the need to do a hair biography! I'm meant to be going food shopping but I really can't be arsed so I'm procrastinating now.  I'm good at that.

Got a nice little  tax rebate today.  Never thought that would happen to me! YEY!  Sami wants me to spend it on boring and sensible things but I want to buy shoooooes!  It's a good thing one of us is sensible.

Urgh! I suppose I'd better go out and get some food to feed the man when he gets in.  Getting good at this housewife malarky - I always have dinner on the table for his lordships arrival home and I've even started laying his football kit out - too much? I don't care.  I'm enjoying myself.  I'm not even bored yet.  It's just nice not to feel so rough allll the time.  My flare ups aren't lasting as long now because I'm able to rest instead of struggling to work through it.  Good times.

Well I hope you found my life in hair interesting and erm, maybe I'll have some even more interesting things for you to read tomorrow.

Feel bad when I write a post and I'm not complaining because most of you that are reading are probably lupus sufferers too and I hate to think you are reading this whilst in an awful flare and I'm all  like, 'Yeah woo lifes great!' But I guess it just shows there are good times amongst all the pain and shite times.

Catch y'all laters.


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