5 Aug 2013


Monday 5 August 2013

Just to recap for those that aren't aware - this weekend Sami, Matt, Jen and I drove down to Wiltshire to visit Jimbo and Aimee and Phil and Toria. Both couples have recently had babies and Sami went to uni with all the above mentioned  boys.  The four of us decided to camp nearby the 2 other couples as its a cheap and easy way to see everyone without imposing ourselves upon them. Here is today's blog about said weekend:

I wish I wasn't high maintenance but I am. I like the little luxuries in life. I like baths, my privacy, soft and warm beds, make up, mirrors, high heels and a roof over my head. What I do not like is sheds for showers, hard floors to sleep on and being rudely awoken by drops of rain on my head. I also do not like walking through cold and wet grass in my pj's to go to the loo whilst my creasy morning, make-up free face is on show for all and sundry to see (and it aint a pretty sight). I also do not like being so cold I think I've lost my hands and knees. No. No and no. 

This was the toilet 

That is what I was subjected to this weekend. And let me tell you, fibromyalgia and lupus do not go with camping and nor do I. As someone with fibromyalgia I do not often have restorative sleep, this means I can sleep for 10 hours and still wake up tired. So to have pretty much no sleep at all makes it that much worse. 

Just in case you don't know what Fibromyalgia is...http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Fibromyalgia/Pages/Symptoms.aspx

Having been camping a few times before, I know I hate it but I told myself that this weekend would be good and I genuinely felt positive and excited about it but when I woke up on Saturday, I felt like I'd been trampled on, I was in a lot of pain and I was completely exhausted. I physically couldn't keep my eyes open during the day and I was aware that I was probably being a spoil sport which made me feel guilty.

On the Saturday we all met up and went to a lovely little cafe and had lunch, it was pissing down so our plans to go for a walk were cancelled. I ended up leaving the cafe to go and sleep in Matt's car because I wasn't able to keep my eyes open. After an hour or so we all went back to Jimbo and Aimee's house nearby.  The boys went and played footie while the girls had a catch up. I was really anti-social and went to bed as I still wasn't feeling well. I cried in bed because I was in so much pain and felt like it was ruining my weekend, which it did. Screw you pain!! Screw you! I also felt a bit awkward because Sami and I aren't married or engaged and all the others are married except Matt and Jen who have recently become engaged so naturally there were a lot of comments and jokes about Sami and I as well as questions such as when are you going to get married etc. Obviously it was all harmless but did make me feel a bit awkward. I mean what are you supposed to say?

After a mammoth four hour nap, Sami woke me up and we all had a chinese take away. It was a lovely chilled day/evening and I was so glad no one wanted to go and get drunk till 4am or anything like that. Gosh I sound so old and boring!! I promise I'm not.

Anyway back to camping, Sami inadvertently left a little flap open on our tent and as it had rained heavily for 5 hours our tent was flooded. Everything in it was soaked including our sleeping bags - you can imagine my horror. Luckily the lovely Jimbo and Aimee said we could stay at theirs. Thank fuck for that I thought. It was a god-send. There is so no way I'd have survived another night on the campsite. Matt and Jen did say we could've squeezed in their dry tent if necessary but the bed in a warm house was defo the better option. I had a nice nights sleep but when I woke up I was still in a lot of pain. Luckily it was raining again so we just went to a quaint little town nearby called Wells (where they filmed Hot Fuzz) had lunch and drove home from there.

I tried really hard not to whinge and moan as Matt and Jen had been so kind and found the campsite and booked it all up for us (Sami and I are so disorganised) so I didn't wanna seem ungrateful but I'm not sure many people would be able to refrain from moaning if they felt as unwell as I did.  All I could do to stop the pain and sheer exhaustion was sleep it off. I wish I could describe the fatigue but I can't. Its a whole different league to normal tiredness.

As I said earlier, I'd love to be low maintenance and not care about things like blow drying my hair and walking around with no make up, and sleeping in a tents but that just aint me. I like all my little luxuries and as someone with 3 illnesses I especially like to be warm and in a comfy bed! However, I can't really use my illnesses as an excuse as I've never liked camping or the outdoors in the general... You're either that kind of person or you're not. At least I can say I've tried.  
Have I moaned a lot? I think its the tiredness, it makes everything seem so much worse. Sort of magnifies the shit stuff.

Positives about this weekend were meeting the lovely babies. They are both beautiful and perfect.

Seeing the uni gang - its always nice to catch up and Sami was so good with the babies - made me feel all proud and a little bit broody.

Seeing some lovely parts of the country and eating lots of good food.

Sami promising to never take me camping again.

So I guess it wasn't all bad but let's just say I'm looking forward to our holiday even more now!

Defo more my cup of tea....

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