10 Jul 2013

Wednesday the ?? I have no idea

Wednesday 9th July 2013

Not sure if the date is correct - I have no concept of dates anymore.

Over the past few weeks, Sami has made me watch Starwars (all of them) as he loves them and I'd never seen them - he was adamant that I must like it as much as he does.  Unfortunately, I do not but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

I can't believe he finally got me to watch it after 6 years of constant nagging.  I'm not sure why I gave in.  I think I thought it would make him shut up but now he has decided I must watch Lord of the Rings. Seriously? Have I not had enough torture already?

These are just not my kind of films.  I like killing spree films and action.  I also like Disney but I can't stand weird fantasy or space films and I definitely do not watch chick flicks.  I so wish I was into awful chick films so I could get my own back and force Sami to watch 'The Notebook' or 'The Lake House'  but annoyingly he likes all the films I like.  I did threaten him with the Sex and the City boxset but he's having none of it.  So now I am left pondering what could I do to get him back? He owes me around 9 hours.  9 hours of Star Wars - that's 9 hours I will never get back!

I will update you once I decide how I am going to get my own back.  The things you do for love hey?

I've been thinking a lot lately (probably due to all the time I have now) and I'm really glad I am happy and fulfilled in my life.  I know some people who are so bitter and sad that they feel the need to be horrible to others.  I think its a shame really.  I pity those people because I will always be happier than them.  I can't disclose whom I am talking about but lets just say they are no longer a part of my life and I am extremely glad.  I don't have time for negative people.  I like to surround myself with people who are loving, caring, compassionate and kind.  People who are positive about themselves and the people/world around them.  Not douche-lords who are filled with envy, pretend to be something/someone they're not and who just have a bitter outlook on life.  People who generally have negative vibes have no place in my life.  I aint got time for that! So good bye and good luck.

Anyway that's enough of that - I don't know why I'm sat here typing this, I've got ironing to do!  I just felt compelled to write for some reason.  I'm thinking about trying to find a way I can write for a living.  I'm not sure what I'd actually write about.  Some people have suggested I look into writing a book but I'm not sure I have the imagination for it or the energy.  We'll see, I've got plenty of time on my hands now so I'll think about it.

This blog is titled Lupus and Me but I have nothing to report Lupus wise at the moment other than that I am having a good spell. Yey! For once in my life.  I do ache like hell in the morning and I am still experiencing night sweats but now that I don't work it means I don't feel under pressure to struggle into work in pain and exhausted.  So I can't complain (for once).

Right I should get on with the ironing - I'm meeting my friend Becca later to collect my Louboutins shoes she picked up for me.  OHMYGOD Louboutins! I am so excited - I think I might even wear them to bed.  I'm never going to take them off.

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