14 Nov 2013

I can't really complain...


I went on the St Thomas' (the hospital I'm under) website yesterday as they have a nurse online you can contact. I was feeling so ill - much, much worse than usual and knew if I go down to my GP they'd probably send me to hospital and the hospital won't know what to do with me and after keeping me in a few days will send me home (this has happened 3 times) so I thought the online nurse would be the best course of action. I explained my symptoms, nose bleeds, feeling terrible, weeing frequently etc. And she said steroids can weaken the capillaries hence the nose bleeding and she also said when people with lupus contract a UTI they can feel very unwell so she thinks that's what it could be. That all makes sense so I'll keep an eye on the UTI symptoms and if they get worse I'll go and see the my GP.

So rest and lots of fluids for me (apparently wine doesn't count).

I'm really bored of all this now. This flare/illness feels so intense this time round. I'm so weak. I can't believe I couldn't even wash my hair yesterday. What would I have done if Sami wasn't here to wash it? Can you imagine?! I'd have had to sit around with greasy hair. The shame.

I'm gonna go to my Mums in a bit as I don't fancy being on my own - I'm feeling a bit pathetic. I don't know what's got into me - I'm not usually this pathetic! Ah well I'll just embrace it. May as well.....

Wednesday Evening

Sami dropped me off at Mums on his way in to work, I didn't even get dressed! I just went round in my PJ's and coat complete with hot water bottle and slipper boots. I brought my laptop with me as Mum wanted to look at wedding bits and as I got out of the car (bare in mind Sami was in a rush) I fell and face planted the floor. Somehow I managed to hold the laptop up and not drop it! I don't know what happened I just kind of stopped thinking and fell. There wasn't even anything to trip on or fall over. Never mind I didn't hurt myself so I'm all good. Sami reversed back in the car to make sure I was alright - he wasn't impressed!

I had a nice day at Mums, she looked after me and made me lots of tea. I spent the day snuggled on the sofa by the fireplace and we managed to get quite a lot of wedding stuff done. I bought confetti, decided on a table plan, got some name places, decided on decs, decided on what flowers I'd like and possibly found my wedding shoes. I said to Mum we're not gonna have anything else to do soon! The wedding is 11 months away yet!
Dad got home around 6 and Sami came round after work and Mum cooked us all a roast which was lovely. I haven't had one of Mum's roasts for ages. Nom nom nom.

Mum and Dad's stove:

I'm feeling a lot better now - no where near as bad as yesterday or this morning. Hopefully I can get back to some kind of normality tomorrow - the flat needs a good spruce up (so do I!!) And I've got ironing to do. Looks like I'll feel well in time for the weekend. Sami's going to his mate Phil's in Yeovil (3 hour drive away) for a boys weekend so my best mates gonna come round on Saturday after I've been bridesmaid dress shopping with Sami's sister. I like my own company but didn't fancy being on my own this weekend. Again, I'm being a bit pathetic!

All in all a mixed day. I woke up feeling horrific, face planted the floor and had to be looked after by my mum at 28 years of age but then I spent the day by the fireplace drinking tea and getting wedding stuff done so I can't really complain can I?

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